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Ancient Greek edit

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See Ἕλλην (Héllēn).

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Ἑλλᾰ́ς (Hellásf (genitive Ἑλλᾰ́δος); third declension

  1. various areas in Greece, such as the region surrounding Dodona, Thessaly, Phthiotis, or Northern Greece
  2. Greece
  3. all lands inhabited by Greeks, including Ionia
  4. the Greek language

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Derived terms edit

Descendants edit

  • Greek: Ελλάς (Ellás), Ελλάδα (Elláda)
  • Pontic Greek: Ελλάδαν (Elládan)
  • Latin: Hellas
  • Chinese: 希臘希腊 (Xīlà) (see there for further descendants)

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