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Dodona f

  1. A taxonomic genus within the family Riodinidae – certain butterflies called Punches.

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  • (genus):

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From Latin Dōdōna, from Ancient Greek Δωδώνη (Dōdṓnē).

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  • Hyphenation: Do‧do‧na

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  1. (historical) A town and religious shrine of ancient in Greece.
  2. (informal) Dodoni, the present settlement at the site, in modern Greece's Ioannina prefecture.

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From Doric Greek Δωδώνᾱ (Dōdṓnā); cognate with Attic Greek Δωδώνη (Dōdṓnē).

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Dōdōna f sg (genitive Dōdōnae); first declension

  1. (historical) Dodona, a town and religious shrine in ancient Greece.
  2. (New Latin) Dodoni, the modern Greek town at the site of ancient Dodona

Declension edit

First-declension noun, with locative, singular only.

Case Singular
Nominative Dōdōna
Genitive Dōdōnae
Dative Dōdōnae
Accusative Dōdōnam
Ablative Dōdōnā
Vocative Dōdōna
Locative Dōdōnae

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