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Japanese edit

Etymology 1 edit

For pronunciation and definitions of せいじ – see the following entries.
[noun] politics
[noun] celadon porcelain
[noun] kyūjitai
(This term, せいじ, is the hiragana spelling of the above terms.)
For a list of all kanji read as せいじ, see Category:Japanese kanji read as せいじ.)

(The following entries are uncreated: 盛時, 世事, 星児, 政事, 生時, 生児, 成事, 盛事, 省字.)

Etymology 2 edit

Proper noun edit

せいじ (Seiji

  1. , 誠治, 誠二, 清治, 誠司, 成治, 成二, 清次: a male given name