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せいし (rōmaji seishi)

  1. 生死: life or death; safety; fate
  2. 精子: spermatozoa, sperm
  3. 製紙: paper making
  4. 正史: correct history
  5. 姓氏: family name
  6. 制止: control, restraint
  7. 整枝: pruning, cutting off undesired branches from a fruit tree or in a garden
  8. 正視: looking someone straight in the eye
  9. 世子: heir, successor
  10. 製糸: silk reeling, spinning
  11. 誓詞: vow, oath, pledge
  12. 誓紙: written oath
  13. 静思: meditation
  14. 世嗣: heir, successor
  15. 静止: stillness
  16. 勢至: Mahasthamaprapta


せいしする (rōmaji seishi)

  1. 静思: meditate
  2. 静止: come to a standstill
  3. 制止: restrain, control
  4. 正視: look straight at, look straight ahead