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life; age; generation
life; age; generation; era; world; lifetime
matter; thing; item
matter; thing; item; work; affair
simp. and trad.

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  1. secular affairs; worldly affairs
    世事關心世事关心 [Guangzhou Cantonese]  ―  sai3 si6 gwaan1 sam1 [Jyutping]  ―  (please add an English translation of this usage example)

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Japanese edit

Kanji in this term

Grade: 3

Grade: 3

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

()() (seji

  1. worldly matters, human affairs, ways of the world

References edit

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Korean edit

Hanja in this term

Noun edit

世事 (sesa) (hangeul 세사)

  1. Hanja form? of 세사 (worldly matters, human affairs, ways of the world).