Etymology 1Edit

Unknown. First attested in the Edo period in the Kantō region, and until relatively recently use was confined to this area. Most likely theories of origin suggest:

  • a contraction of 女の子(menoko, female child)
  • an alteration of 真処(mako, center (of the body))
  • a shortening of 万幸(mankō, 10,000 happinesses)
  • an alteration of the Old Japanese 美斗(mito, genitalia in general, either male or female)
  • a derivation from the Sinitic 門口(gate, doorway), from a reading of menkō rather than the expected on'yomi of monkō

Alternative formsEdit


まんこ (romaji manko)

  1. (vulgar, taboo slang) cunt (vagina)
Usage notesEdit
  • Only used as slang. Never in medical situations. Does not have any other uses as in the English cunt.
  • Considered harsher than おまんこ (​omanko).
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

Proper nounEdit

まんこ (romaji Manko)

  1. 漫湖: Lake Man, a mangrove wetlands located in Naha and Tomigusuku cities on Okinawa.