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Borrowed from Dutch alcohol,[1][2][3][4][5] initially borrowed and pronounced as アルコホル (arukohoru) with evidence of a phonetic kanji spelling as  () () () () () (arukohoru).[6] The medial /h/ appears to have fallen out due to a combination of historical kana orthography and related changes in pronunciation. Compare French alcool, Italian alcol, Portuguese álcool, where Romance languages also lost the medial /h/.



アルコール (rōmaji arukōru)

  1. (organic chemistry) an alcohol
    Synonym: 酒精 (shusei)
  2. alcohol (intoxicating beverage)
    Synonym: (sake)
    • 1996 February 20 [Feb 15 1988], Adachi, Mitsuru, “テイク・オフ [Take Off]”, in SHORT PROGRAMショート・プログラム [SHORT PROGRAM], volume 1 (fiction), 25th edition, Tokyo: Shogakukan, →ISBN, page 104:
      ビール ()むか?
      Bīru nomu ka?
      Want some beer?
      Iya, arukōru wa dame nan da.
      No, I can’t really drink [alcoholic beverages].

Derived termsEdit


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