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コンデンサ (kondensa): various electronic capacitors.

Alternative formsEdit


Borrowed from English condenser.[1][2][3]

Originally spelled コンデンサー (kondensā). As with other imported words ending in long "ā", the final vowel has shortened in more common usage, resulting in the current spelling.


  • (Tokyo) ンデンサ [kòńdéꜜǹsà] (Nakadaka – [3])
  • IPA(key): [kõ̞ndẽ̞ɰ̃sa̠]
  • (Osaka) コンンサ


コンデンサ (rōmaji kondensa)

  1. (electronics) a capacitor
    Though called capacitors in modern English, these electronic devices were originally called condensers from as far back as 1782. The Japanese term is based on this older terminology.
  2. (optics) an optical condenser, such as a lens or mirror
  3. (mechanics, physics) a condenser, a device or unit used to condense vapor into liquid

Usage notesEdit

Japanese has also borrowed the modern English term capacitor for the electronic component, as キャパシタ (kyapashita). However, the term コンデンサ (kondensa) is used much more commonly.



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