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See also: 下课



under; next; lower; below; underneath; down(wards); to go down; latter
subject; class; lesson
trad. (下課)
simp. (下课)




  1. (of both students and teachers) to finish class; to get out of school
  2. (figuratively) to be fired; to be dismissed


Dialectal synonyms of 下課 (“to finish class”) [map]
Variety Location Words
Formal (Written Standard Chinese) 下課
Mandarin Beijing 下課
Taiwan 下課
Harbin 下課
Shenyang 下課
Jinan 下課
Muping 下課
Luoyang 下課
Jiedian 下課下堂 dated
Xi'an 下課下堂
Xining 下課
Xuzhou 下課
Yinchuan 下課
Lanzhou 下課
Ürümqi 下課
Wuhan 下課下堂
Chengdu 下課
Guiyang 下課
Liuzhou 下課
Kunming 下課
Yangzhou 下課
Nanjing 下課
Hefei 下課
Cantonese Guangzhou 落堂落課
Hong Kong 落堂
Dongguan 落堂落課
Taishan 落堂落課
Yangjiang 落堂落課
Gan Nanchang 下課
Lichuan 下課
Pingxiang 下課
Hakka Meixian 下堂下課
Miaoli (N. Sixian) 下課
Liudui (S. Sixian) 下課
Hsinchu (Hailu) 下課
Dongshi (Dabu) 下課
Zhuolan (Raoping) 下課
Yunlin (Zhao'an) 下課
Huizhou Jixi 下課
Jin Taiyuan 下課
Xinzhou 下課下堂
Min Bei Jian'ou 下課
Min Dong Fuzhou 落堂
Fuqing 落堂
Min Nan Xiamen 落課
Quanzhou 落課
Zhangzhou 落課
Taipei 落課下課
Chaozhou 落堂
Shantou 落堂
Haikou 落課落堂 dated
Leizhou 落課落堂
Pinghua Nanning 落課
Wu Shanghai 下課
Suzhou 下課
Hangzhou 下課落課退課
Wenzhou 退課退班落堂
Chongming 退課
Danyang 下課
Jinhua 退班落課落班
Ningbo 落課
Xiang Changsha 下課
Shuangfeng 下課
Loudi 下課