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See also: 铁笔



pen; pencil; writing brush; to write or compose; the strokes of Chinese characters
trad. (鐵筆)
simp. (铁笔)




  1. cutting tool used in carving seals, etc.
  2. stylus for cutting stencils; stencil pen
  3. (Min Nan) fountain pen


Dialectal synonyms of 鋼筆 (“fountain pen”) [map]
Variety Location Words
Formal (Written Standard Chinese) 鋼筆
Mandarin Beijing 鋼筆自來水兒筆
Taiwan 鋼筆
Harbin 鋼筆水筆
Hailar 鋼筆
Ulan Hot 鋼筆
Tongliao 鋼筆
Chifeng 鋼筆
Bayanhot 鋼筆
Jinan 鋼筆自來水筆
Muping 鋼筆
Luoyang 鋼筆水筆自來水筆 dated
Jiedian 水筆
Xi'an 鋼筆自來水筆水筆
Zhengzhou 鋼筆
Xining 鋼筆
Xuzhou 鋼筆自來水筆
Yinchuan 鋼筆自來水筆 dated
Lanzhou 自來水筆水筆
Ürümqi 鋼筆
Wuhan 鋼筆靛筆自來水筆
Chengdu 鋼筆自來水筆
Guiyang 鋼筆自來水筆 dated
Liuzhou 鋼筆水筆自來水筆 dated洋筆 dated
Kunming 水筆
Yangzhou 鋼筆自來水筆
Nanjing 鋼筆自來水筆
Hefei 鋼筆自來水筆
Cantonese Guangzhou 鋼筆墨水筆自來水筆水筆
Hong Kong 墨水筆
Shunde 墨水筆
Foshan 墨水筆
Zhongshan 墨水筆
Dongguan 墨水筆自來水筆鋼筆
Hong Kong (Weitou) 墨水筆
Taishan 鋼筆墨水筆
Doumen 水筆
Kaiping 墨水筆
Shaoguan 墨水筆
Yunfu 墨水筆
Yangjiang 水筆
Xinyi 鋼筆水筆
Lianjiang 水筆
Kuala Lumpur 墨水筆
Gan Nanchang 鋼筆自來水筆水筆
Lichuan 鋼筆
Pingxiang 自來水筆水筆
Hakka Meixian 鋼筆自來水筆
Yudu 鋼筆自來水筆
Miaoli (N. Sixian) 鋼筆萬年筆
Liudui (S. Sixian) 鋼筆萬年筆
Hsinchu (Hailu) 鋼筆萬年筆
Dongshi (Dabu) 鋼筆
Zhuolan (Raoping) 鋼筆萬年筆
Yunlin (Zhao'an) 鋼筆
Hong Kong 水筆
Senai 鋼筆
Huizhou Jixi 鋼筆自來水筆
Jin Taiyuan 鋼筆自來水筆水筆
Xinzhou 水筆
Baochang 鋼筆
Jining 鋼筆
Hohhot 鋼筆
Baotou 鋼筆
Dongsheng 鋼筆
Linhe 鋼筆
Haibowan 水筆
Min Bei Jian'ou 鋼筆
Min Dong Fuzhou 鋼筆自來水筆
Fuqing 鋼筆
Min Nan Xiamen 鐵筆自來水筆鋼筆
Quanzhou 鐵筆水筆鋼筆
Zhangzhou 鐵筆鋼筆
Taipei 萬年筆鋼筆
Kaohsiung 萬年筆鋼筆
Chaozhou 鋼筆自來水筆
Johor Bahru 鋼筆
Haikou 水筆
Leizhou 水筆
Pinghua Nanning 水筆自來水筆鋼筆
Wu Shanghai 鋼筆墨水筆自來水筆
Suzhou 鋼筆自來水筆
Hangzhou 鋼筆自來水筆 dated
Wenzhou 藍水筆自來水筆鋼筆
Chongming 鋼筆
Danyang 自來水筆鋼筆
Jinhua 鋼筆
Ningbo 鋼筆自來水筆 dated
Xiang Changsha 鋼筆水筆自來水筆 dated
Shuangfeng 鋼筆自來水筆水筆
Loudi 鋼筆自來水筆水筆