See also: 养蜂

Chinese edit

give birth; keep (pets); to support
give birth; keep (pets); to support; to bring sb. up; to raise (pig, etc.)
bee; wasp
trad. (養蜂)
simp. (养蜂)

Pronunciation edit

Verb edit


  1. to keep bees; to do beekeeping; to practice apiculture

Japanese edit

Kanji in this term
Grade: 4
Grade: S

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

(よう)(ほう) (yōhō

  1. beekeeping, apiculture

References edit

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Korean edit

Hanja in this term

Noun edit

養蜂 (yangbong) (hangeul 양봉)

  1. Hanja form? of 양봉 (beekeeping, apiculture).