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Pronunciation edit

Revised Romanization?goryeo
Revised Romanization (translit.)?golyeo
Yale Romanization?kolye

Etymology 1 edit

Sino-Korean word from 高麗

Proper noun edit

고려 (Goryeo) (hanja 高麗)

  1. (history) Goryeo
    고려대학교goryeodaehakgyoKorea University
  2. (Russia) Korea
    • 2015 February 20, 강 보릐스 [gang boruiseu], “일본(한 본)의 유래 [ilbon(han bon)ui yurae]”, in 한국구비문학대계 [han'gukgubimunhakdaegye]‎[1], 우즈베키스탄 누쿠스 [ujeubekiseutan nukuseu]:
      고려 있지 암두?
      Goryeo-e-seo itji amdu?
      Don't they have it in Korea?
Usage notes edit

Even among modern Koryo-mar speakers, who are mainly heritage speakers and more proficient in Russian, 한국 (han'guk) appears to also be in common use, possibly due to influence from South Korea's increased economic prestige in the past few decades and the fact that non-elderly Koryo-saram who speak Korean virtually all speak and learn standard Korean from South Korea. 조선 (joseon) seems to used particularly by more older speakers when referring to Korea as a whole, though 고려 seems to have largely replaced this.

Synonyms edit
Descendants edit
  • English: Goryeo English: Korea
  • Japanese: (こう)(らい) (Kōrai)
  • Russian: Корё (Korjó)

Etymology 2 edit

Sino-Korean word from 考慮

Noun edit

고려 (goryeo) (hanja 考慮)

  1. consideration; reflection
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