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◌𖿰 U+16FF0, 𖿰
[unassigned: U+16FE5–U+16FEF]
Ideographic Symbols and Punctuation ◌𖿱

Vietnamese edit

Alternative forms edit

There are two different stylistic variants of the mark. The more common is as (but the bottom hook may be omitted) and the other is as .

Diacritical mark edit


  1. (Chữ Nôm) dấu cá is used to indicate an alternate reading, usually a reading not received from Chinese.

Usage notes edit

The reading mark combines with the preceding Han character in such a way that the character and the mark together are as wide as a usual character; for example a combination of and ◌𖿰 would yield ⿰日​亇 (𪰇), and the pronunciation would change from nháy to nhặt. However, not many fonts correctly support this mark.

Derived characters edit