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Compare the past-passive-participle suffix -анный (-annyj).

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-аный (-anyj)

  1. Suffix used to form passive-participle-like adjectives from verbs in -ать (-atʹ).
    вяза́ть (vjazátʹ, to knit) + ‎-аный (-anyj) → ‎вя́заный (vjázanyj, knitted)
    пу́тать (pútatʹ, to tangle, to confuse) + ‎-аный (-anyj) → ‎пу́таный (pútanyj, tangled, confusing)

Usage notes edit

For most such adjectives, short forms in -ан (-an), -ана (-ana), -ано (-ano), -аны (-any) exist theoretically, but are usually avoided due to ambiguity with the short forms of the corresponding past passive participle in -анный (-annyj); but this doesn't apply to some adjectives, e.g. пу́таный (pútanyj), where the short forms are in normal use.

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  • -лый (-lyj) (used to form similar adjectives from intransitive verbs)