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Etymology edit

Inherited from Proto-Slavic *pǫtati. Compare Polish pętać.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [ˈputətʲ]
  • (file)

Verb edit

пу́тать (pútatʹimpf (perfective спу́тать or запу́тать or перепу́тать or впу́тать)

  1. to tangle
    Perfectives: спу́тать (spútatʹ), запу́тать (zapútatʹ)
  2. to mix up (with), to confuse (with)
    Perfective: перепу́тать (perepútatʹ)
  3. to confuse
    Perfective: запу́тать (zapútatʹ)
  4. to get mixed up, to confuse
    Perfectives: спу́тать (spútatʹ), перепу́тать (perepútatʹ)
  5. to involve in, to embroil
    Perfectives: запу́тать (zapútatʹ), впу́тать (vpútatʹ)
  6. (horses) to hobble, to fetter
    Perfective: спу́тать (spútatʹ)

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