See also: monia and Monia

Latin edit

Etymology edit

Feminine form of -mōnium

Pronunciation edit

Suffix edit

-mōnia f (genitive -mōniae); first declension

  1. Forms abstract nouns from adjectives and possibly other roots.
    sānctus (holy)sānctimōnia (virtuousness)
    ācer (sour; harsh)ācrimōnia (pungency; austerity)
    parcus (sparing, slight)parcimōnia, parsimōnia (thrift)

Usage notes edit

  • harmonia is a borrowing from Greek and does not derive from this stem. Note the o in harmonia derives from omicron and is short.

Declension edit

First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative -mōnia -mōniae
Genitive -mōniae -mōniārum
Dative -mōniae -mōniīs
Accusative -mōniam -mōniās
Ablative -mōniā -mōniīs
Vocative -mōnia -mōniae

Derived terms edit