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  1. all, every
    Yamukunaun aya autukene mapa! Atukutapai yamukunauntope. Iya tukene mapa. Hoona, ayiu! Pa, yamukunaun iya itsenu wi. Tika tika tika ...
    "Children, let's collect [wild] honey!" She invited all the children [of the village to come along]. They were going to collect honey. "All right, let's go!" [they said]. Well, all the children went with [the woman and her husband]. [The patter of their running feet was heard on the path:] tika tika tika...


  • "Yamukunaun aya" uttered by Itsautaku, storyteller and elder, recounting the traditional Wauja tale of the "Man Who Drowned in Honey," in the presence of his adolescent son Mayuri, adult daughter Mukura, and others. Recorded in Piyulaga village by E. Ireland, December 1989, transcript pp. 24-25.