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(in sense 8) Named after Lord Jeffrey Amherst.

Proper nounEdit


  1. An English surname​.
  2. A city in Ohio.
  3. A city in Texas.
  4. A town in Maine.
  5. A town in Massachusetts.
  6. A town in New Hampshire.
  7. A town in New York.
  8. A town in Nova Scotia.
  9. A town in Quebec.
  10. A town in Victoria, Australia.
  11. A town, the county seat of Amherst County, Virginia.
  12. A village in Nebraska.
  13. A village in Wisconsin.
  14. A census-designated place in Colorado.

Derived termsEdit


Amherst (plural Amhersts)

  1. (Britain) Ellipsis of Lady Amherst's pheasant.
    • 1999 January 28, Dan Cowell, “Re: Free-ranging pheasants”, in sci.agriculture.poultry, Usenet[1]:
      It does sound unusual about the Kalij and Amherst compared to their close relatives. [] I've noticed Amhersts tend to be a little more nervous when compared to Goldens. They may stay around, but once they get spooked, they will probably split for good.