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From the Postal Map romanization of the Mandarin 安陸安陆 (Ānlù).

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  1. A county-level city in Xiaogan, Hubei, China.
    • 1916, George A. Clayton, “Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society (1852)”, in China Mission Year Book 1916[1], volume 7th, Shanghai: Christian Literature Society for China, →OCLC, page 119:
      In Hupeh District it is at work in fifteen counties :[...]Anlu,[...]So far as the foreign staff is concerned there were no men added in 1915 and only three ladies: Miss Weaver for evangelistic work in Wuchang, Miss Stephenson for the Anlu Hospital, and Miss McCord for evangelistic work at Anlu.
    • 1982, Edward L. Dreyer, “The Rise of the Ming Empire, 1352-1368”, in Early Ming China: A Political History, 1355-1435[2], Stanford, Cali.: Stanford University Press, →ISBN, →LCCN, →OCLC, page 55:
      Chu conferred with Hsü Ta and Ch’ang Yü-ch’un at Nanking on 23 April. The only ex-Han territories still free from Ming control were the cities of the Han River valley, of which Hsiangyang and Anlu were the most important.
    • 2016, Hing Ming Hung, “Zhu Yuan Zhang Founds The Ming Dynasty”, in From the Mongols to the Ming Dynasty: How a Begging Monk Became Emperor of China, Zhu Yuan Zhang[3], New York: Algora Publishing, →ISBN, →LCCN, →OCLC, page 170:
      On 16 February Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang ordered General Deng Yu to take the troops in Xiangyang (now Xiangyang, Hubei Province) and Anlu (now Anlu, Hubei Province) northward to conquer Henan Province.
    • 2020 February 12, “Xiaogan makeshift hospital under construction”, in State Council of the People's Republic of China[4], archived from the original on 27 June 2022:
      Workers work at the construction site of a makeshift hospital in Anlu city, which is under the administration of Xiaogan city, in Central China's Hubei province, Feb 11, 2020.
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