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Appendix:Romanian nouns/Masculine

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Masculine nouns are the easiest to decline in Romanian, as there is very little irregularity. All masculine nouns (even those with irregular plurals, such as om (oameni) end in -i.

Masculine nouns are generally not difficult to identify. The usually end in consonants, -u, -e or -i. Because neuter nouns can also end in all of these, they can sometimes take a bit of work to differentiate, however, masculine and neuter nouns generally end in different consonants.

Masculine nouns ending in consonants will generally end in:

  • r (-or, -tor, -ar, -er)
  • c (-ic),
  • t (-ist),
  • n (-an, -ean, -ân) or
  • z (-ez)

Neuter nouns ending in consonants will usually end in:

  • m (-ism),
  • t (-ment, -mânt, -ut) or
  • j (-aj)

Consonant ending (basic)Edit

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Vowel ending (e)Edit

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