Appendix:Slovak declension pattern hrdina


Declension pattern hrdinaEdit

pattern hrdina m, noun
hrdin stem



This pattern is typically used by masculine nouns that end with -a or -o and are animate, that is those that describe a person.

Words ending with -o usually have the genitive and accusative ending of -a, thus dedo becomes deda. Only Slovak family names keep the genitive and accusative -u, e.g., VančoVanču. Some of the Slovak family names can take either genitive and accusative endings, e.g., Krasko can become either Krasku or Kraska. Foreign family names use the genitive and accusative -a, e.g., ŠevčenkoŠevčenka (a Ukrainian family name), or PicassoPicassa.

Other masculine patternsEdit

The other pattern for animate masculine nouns is chlap. The two patterns for non-animate masculine nouns are dub and stroj.