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From Middle English Atlantyke, from Latin Ā̆tlanticus, from Ancient Greek Ἀτλαντικός (Atlantikós, Atlantean, of Atlas), from Ancient Greek Ἄτλᾱς (Átlās), either from ἁ- (ha-, copulative prefix) + Proto-Indo-European *telh₂- (bear, undergo, endure) or of Pre-Greek origin.

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the Atlantic

  1. The Atlantic Ocean.


  1. A branch of the Niger-Congo languages spoken along the Atlantic coast in West Africa.
  2. A city, the county seat of Cass County, Iowa, United States.

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Atlantic (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. Pertaining to locations adjacent to or in the vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean, such as the British Isles in Northwestern Europe, or the eastern seaboard of the USA.
  3. Pertaining to the legendary island of Atlantis.
  4. Pertaining to the Atlantic language family.
  5. Descended from the legendary Atlas.

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Atlantic (plural Atlantics)

  1. (rail transport) A steam locomotive of the 4-4-2 wheel arrangement.
     4-4-2 (locomotive) on Wikipedia
    • 1944 January and February, "Voyageur", “Atlantic Locomotives on the G.W.R.”, in Railway Magazine, page 26:
      It is equally curious that whereas the first Swindon-built Atlantic began its career as a 4-6-0, the first Great Western 4-cylinder 4-6-0 began its career as an Atlantic.

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