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Calque of Ottoman Turkish قره دكز(Kara Deñiz, Black Sea) (modern Turkish Karadeniz) (from kara (black, dark; north) + deniz (sea)). Compare Russian Чёрное море (Čórnoje more). The Turkish word is derived from the languages of the Near East, which is ultimately from an Old Iranian name: the primary Ancient Greek name Πόντος Ἄξεινος (Póntos Áxeinos) (first attested in 462 BC) is a rendering of Old Iranian *axšaina- (dark-colored). The naming is according to the system in which color names indicated the cardinal points (black [or dark] for north, red for south, white for west, and green or light blue for east); compare Red Sea. It is supposedly named as such by the Achaemenids; see Iranica for details.[1]

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The Black Sea

Black Sea in the Crimea
  1. (geography) An inland sea bound by Southeastern Europe in the west, Eastern Europe in the north and northeast, and Turkey in the south.

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