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Bunsen burner


Named for Robert Wilhelm Bunsen, its inventor.


Bunsen burner (plural Bunsen burners)

  1. (sciences) A small laboratory gas burner whose air supply may be controlled with an adjustable hole.
    • 1866, John Joseph Griffin, Chemical Handicraft: A Classified and Descriptive Catalogue of Chemical Apparatus:
      The due performance of Bunsen's burner depends upon the proper admixture of gas and air.
    • 1875 October 1, English Mechanic and World of Science, volume 22, page 56:
      Although the Bunsen burner has been in extensive use for several years, there would seem to be a very well-grounded suspicion that its capabilities have not yet been fully discovered, for applications for patents for inventions, which are based on the Bunsen burner, or on modifications of it, are occasionally found in the official journal of the Patent Office.
    • 2007, Ilan Patrick, Microbiological Analysis of Grapes and Wine: Techniques and Concepts:
      Flame sterilisation is a frequently used technique in the microbiology laboratory and Bunsen burners are commonly used to provide the flame.



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