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From burn +‎ -er.



burner (plural burners)

  1. Someone or something which burns.
  2. An element on a kitchen stove that generates localized heat for cooking.
    Synonym: (UK) ring
    Hyponym: back burner
    • 1975, Bob Dylan (lyrics and music), “Tangled Up in Blue”, in Blood on the Tracks:
      She lit a burner on the stove / And offered me a pipe / "I thought you'd never say hello", she said / "You look like the silent type"
  3. (chemistry) A device that generates localized heat for experiments; a Bunsen burner.
  4. A device that burns fuel; e.g. a diesel engine; a hot-air balloon's propulsion system.
  5. A device for burning refuse; an incinerator.
  6. (computing) A device that allows data or music to be stored on a CDR or CD-ROM.
  7. (slang) Short for burner phone; a mobile phone used for only a short time and then thrown away so that the owner cannot be traced.
    • 2007, “Paper Planes”, in Kala, performed by M.I.A.:
      No one on the corner has swagger like us / Hit me on my burner prepaid wireless
  8. (computing) An app that creates temporary phone numbers for a user.
  9. (slang) An elaborate piece of graffiti.
    • 2011, Adam Melnyk, Visual Orgasm: The Early Years of Canadian Graffiti, page 84:
      [] we were doing productions, burners like 100 feet long and as tall as we could get, standing on people's shoulders, []
    • 2011, Scape Martinez, Graff 2: Next Level Graffiti Techniques, page 124:
      There is a hierarchy of sorts: a throw-up can go over a tag, a piece over a throw-up, and a burner over a piece.
  10. (slang) A pyrotechnic tear gas canister.
  11. (slang) A gun.
  12. Alternative letter-case form of Burner (participant in Burning Man).
    • 2016 September 5, Damien Gayle, “Luxury camp at Burning Man festival targeted by 'hooligans'”, in The Guardian[1]:
      White Ocean, co-founded by entrepreneurs Timur Sardarov, the son of a Russian oil magnate, and Oliver Ripley, and involving the trance DJ Paul Oakenfold, is viewed as one such camp, although it provides one of Burning Man’s biggest stages and claims to “feed hundreds of non-White Ocean burners a day”.


  • Japanese: バーナー (bānā)

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