See also: cim, cím, čim, čím, and çım

English edit

Noun edit

CIM (plural CIMs)

  1. (business) Initialism of confidential information memorandum.
    • 2016, Jim Gilreath, Skin in the Game: No Longer Just a C-Level Employee[1], Made For Success Publishing, →ISBN:
      The CIM is drafted by the seller's M&A advisory firm or investment banker and used in a sell-side engagement to market a business to prospective buyers.

Phrase edit


  1. (prostitution slang) Initialism of cum in mouth; indicates that the client ejaculates in their mouth.
    • 2017, Samantha X, Back on Top: Confessions of a High-Class Escort[2], Hachette, →ISBN:
      [] PSE (porn star experience) means you up the ante a bit in the bedroom with a bit of COF, Spanish, Tromboning, CIM, maybe even CIMWS (never my thing)—and for the really adventurous, Greek []

Anagrams edit