gay (homosexual) + Abraham


Proper nounEdit


  1. (humorous, chiefly derogatory, very rare) A respelling of the given name Abraham, insinuating homosexuality.
    • 2004: Brian Bouldrey, Monster: Gay Adventures in American Machismo, page 58 (Alyson Books; →ISBN, 9781555837990)
      Now that Larry Kramer has decided that Lincoln’s first name was Gaybraham, the whole world, apparently, has gone gay.
    • 2009, Jason Holt, The Daily Show and Philosophy: Moments of Zen in the Art of Fake News, →ISBN:
      Or, as Colbert likes to put it, “We are the children of Abraham, not Gaybraham.”
    • 2014 May 16, Danny Bernardo, “Backstage Pass: Michael Urie kicks off About Face's Pride Series”, in Chicago Pride:
      Structured around an oral report that Cal presents at Ford's Theatre where Lincoln met his untimely end, Abraham Lincoln was a F*gg*t weaves together Cal's story and his quest to prove the secret (based in fact) sexual history of Gaybraham Lincoln.
    • 2014 November 25, Sian Broderick, “Danger, danger, two pizzas! Electric Six want to take you to a gay bar (or Gorilla)”, in Mancunian Matters:
      The latter was accompanied by a wonderfully absurd music video which featured Dick – real name Tyler Spencer – dressed as ‘Gaybraham Lincoln’ and featured various phallic images throughout such as a bell, a train entering a tunnel, and err… a hamster running through a tube.