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Etymology 1Edit


Groundhog Day (plural Groundhog Days)

  1. An annual festival held in Canada and the USA on February 2 in which the arrival time of the spring season is predicted by whether or not a certain groundhog can see its shadow.

Etymology 2Edit

From the title of the film Groundhog Day.

Proper nounEdit

Groundhog Day

  1. (informal) A situation in which events appear to be repeating themselves in a cyclical fashion.
    • 2003, Angie Errigo, The Rough Guide to the Lord of the Rings, Rough Guides ISBN 9781843532750, page 137
      Jackson, working on production this summer, sounded very much as if he were missing the trilogy already: "Each movie has a very different tone, feel and structure so I've never really felt like I've been trapped in a Groundhog Day for seven years working on one project."
    • 2011, Cathy Hopkins, Million Dollar Mates: Paparazzi Princess, Simon and Schuster ISBN 9781847389930
      She'd spend ages buying and wrapping presents and never got bored with it like Aunt Maddie did. Aunt M said doing Christmas cards year after year made her feel like she was trapped in a groundhog day.
    • 2011, Jeff Ryan, Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America, Penguin ISBN 9781101517635
      Mario, somewhat infamously, is stuck in a Groundhog Day of perpetually having to rescue the princess from Bowser. Even when the plot is new, the story stays old: Mario stops the big bad and saves the girl.