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IF (countable and uncountable, plural IFs)

  1. Initialism of interactive fiction.
    • 2007, Jeremy Douglass, Command Lines, page 88:
      The “Zarfian Cruelty Scale” rates games as Merciful, Polite, Tough, Nasty, or Cruel. The scale describes how works of IF become unwinnable, especially how and when the interactor (here a player, and one trying to win) learns this.
  2. Initialism of impact factor.
  3. (biochemistry) Initialism of intermediate filament.
  4. (electronics) Initialism of intermediate frequency.
  5. (nutrition) Initialism of intermittent fasting.

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IF(イフ) (ifu

  1. Alternative letter-case form of if

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  1. Abbreviation of Ilfov, a county in Romania.

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  1. sports club, athletic club; Abbreviation of idrottsförening.