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From Ancient Greek Κοινή (Koinḗ), from κοινὴ διάλεκτος (hē koinḕ diálektos, the common dialect), from κοινός (koinós, shared, common, public, general, ordinary, usual).

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  • enPR: koiˈnā, ˈkoinā, ˈkoinē
  • IPA(key): /kɔɪˈneɪ/, /ˈkɔɪneɪ/, /ˈkɔɪniː/
  • Rhymes: -eɪ

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  1. The “common” Greek language that developed and flourished between 300 B.C.E. and 300 C.E. (the time of the Roman Empire), and from which Modern Greek descended. It was based on the Attic and Ionian dialects of Ancient Greek.
    Synonyms: Hellenistic Koine, Hellenistic Greek

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