LAN party



LAN +‎ party


LAN party (plural LAN parties)

  1. (computing) A social event based around a LAN (local area network) where participants engage in computer activities such as multiplayer gaming.
    • 2001, Network World (volume 18, number 41, 8 Oct 2001)
      For obvious reasons, one-day events are the easiest to set up, and it is recommended that the first LAN party you host be a one-day party.
    • 2007, Meredith G. Farkas, Social software in libraries, page 219:
      People like to go to LAN parties because graphically intensive games play better over a LAN than over the Internet []
    • 2011, Brian Johnson, Duncan Mackenzie, Xbox 360 For Dummies
      LAN parties have been around ever since geeks started playing games on computer networks.