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Proper nounEdit


  1. (fandom slang) Initialism of Marvel Cinematic Universe (a shared universe of films and other media based on Marvel Comics, introduced in 2008).
    • 2013, Kevin Feige, quoted in Laura Ciarolla, "Marvel announces third 'Avengers' film", The Daily Athenaueum (West Virginia University), Volume 125, Issue 86, 30 January 2013, page 3:
      It [Ant-Man] will, of course, be firmly planted in the MCU but a different corner than we've seen before.
    • 2015, Dan Casey, 100 Things Avengers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die, Triumph Books (2015), →ISBN, page 128:
      [] Hydra is a sprawling global organization with highly advanced technology that has opposed S.H.I.E.L.D, the Avengers, and nearly every major superhero group in the MCU.1
    • 2015, Colin Harvey, Fantastic Transmedia: Narrative, Play and Memory Across Science Fiction and Fantasy Storyworlds, Palgrave Macmillan (2015), →ISBN, page pages 84-85:
      It is interesting to note that, while Coulson is used to suture the various MCU films together and latterly to tie the Agents of SHIELD television show into the MCU, this has not occurred at other points in the franchise.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:MCU.


Coordinate termsEdit

  • DCU (DC Universe) (fictional universe for DC Comics comic books)
  • DCEU (DC Extended Universe) (cinematic universe for 2010s DC Comics based Warner Brothers films)
  • DCAU (DC Animation Universe) (fictional universe for 21st-century DC Comics based animated films)


MCU (plural MCUs)

  1. (electronics) Initialism of microcontroller unit.
  2. (telecommunications) Initialism of multipoint control unit.
  3. (computing) Initialism of memory controller unit.
  4. Initialism of master control unit.
  5. Initialism of main control unit.
  6. (chiropractic) Initialism of multi-cervical unit.