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Proper nounEdit


  1. (politics) Initialism of Middle East News Agency (a Cairo-based news agency, established 1955, nationalized and affiliated to the Egyptian Ministry of Information in 1960.)
  2. (politics) Initialism of Middle East and North Africa.
    • 2006 "The MENA region is anything but stable today" (A. H. Cordesman, K. R. Al-Rodhan, The Changing Dynamics of Energy in the Middle East, →ISBN, p. 65)

Usage notesEdit

In use since the 1970s by the IPPF.[1] Used by the World Bank / IMF from about 1980.[2] Often as "MENA Region" or "MENA region". The MENAFATF (or MENA FATF) was established in 2004.