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See also: moo, moʻo, Moʻo, mo'o, móó, and möö




  1. matter of opinion
  2. (video games) Master of Orion.
  3. (video games) MUD, Object Oriented.
  4. (dated, postal) Money Order Office.
    • 1893, George A. de M. Edwin Dagg, "Devia Hibernia" : the road and route guide for Ireland of the Royal Irish Constabulary[1], page vi:
      [] (3) the nature of the Postal business accommodation supplied by the local Post-Office—thus, PO (Post-Office), SB (Savings Bank), MOO (Money Order Office), or, if there be no PO, the name and distance of the nearest PO []
    • 1993, Christopher Browne, Getting the Message: The Story of the British Post Office[2], page 88:
      It was to help solve a serious problem – mice. For the little vermin were chewing letters containing banknotes and postal orders, especially at the Money Order Office (MOO).
  5. (astronomy) Abbreviation of massive overdense object.