See also: MPs, M.P's, M.P.'s, M.P.s, and μPs

English edit

Proper noun edit


  1. (UK, law enforcement) Initialism of Metropolitan Police Service.

Noun edit

MPS (countable and uncountable, plural MPSs)

  1. (chemistry) Abbreviation of methylacetylene propadiene, stabilized. stabilized methylacetylene-propadiene mixture
  2. (education) Initialism of Master of Professional Studies.
  3. (business) Initialism of master production schedule.
  4. (medicine) Initialism of myofascial pain syndrome.
  5. Initialism of muscle protein synthesis.
    Coordinate term: MPB
  6. (aeronautics) Initialism of main propulsion system (of the Space Shuttle).

Related terms edit

stabilized methylacetylene propadiene

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