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PMS (countable and uncountable, plural PMSs)

  1. (medicine, uncountable) Initialism of premenstrual syndrome or premenstrual stress.
    Synonym: (now chiefly UK) PMT
    Coordinate term: PMDD
    • 1951, Edain McCoy, Celtic Women's Spirituality:
      Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) takes a lot of bashing in the media. It is true that many women become more aggressive during this period, though they are rarely out of control...Therefore, any PMS symptoms that are perceived as unstable are due to the fact that women act more like men during this phase than at any other time in their cycles.
    • 1980, British Social Biology Council, Social Biology and Human Affairs:
      By recognising PMS as a clinical entity women are allowed to Indulge In socially disapproved behaviours, and thus have a safety valve for their resentment.
    • 1997, Kevin Smith, Chasing Amy, spoken by Hooper:
      Holden, Banky, this pile of PMS is Alyssa Jones.
    • 2006, Kristen Brown, Nietzsche And Embodiment: Discerning Bodies and Non-Dualism:
      By internalizing ideational valuations of PMS, men and women reinforce the appearance of a psychosomatic constitution of PMS.
    • 2006, Phyllis Greenberger, Jennifer Wider, editors, The Savvy Woman Patient: How and Why Sex Difference Affect Your Health:
      This is called premenstrual syndrome, or PMS. It is not well defined, and more than 100 different symptoms have been attributed to PMS
  2. (computing, countable) Initialism of package management system.
  3. Initialism of performance measurement system.
    • 1972, United States. Congress. Senate. Judiciary Committee, Parole Legislation: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on National Penitentiaries:
      The federal Performance Measurement System (PMS) and how It relates to the field of corrections.
    • 2006, N. Stolbe, B. List, “Extending the Data Warehouse with Company External Data from Competitors' Websites -- A Case Study in the Banking Sector”, in Joachim Schelp, Robert Winter, editors, Auf dem Weg zur Integration Factory: Proceedings der dw2004- Data Warehousing und EAI:
      Some authors, (see Simons, 1999) suggest that a PMS [performance measurement system] should include an external monitor component.
  4. Initialism of performance management system.
    • 2006, Organisation for Economic Co-operation, “Survey on Harmonisation and Alignment of Donor Practices: Measuring Aid Harmonisation and Alignment in 14 Partner Countries”, in Development, list of acronyms:
      PMS: Performance-management system
  5. Initialism of performance monitoring system.
    • 2006, Organisation for Economic Co-operation, “Survey on Harmonisation and Alignment of Donor Practices: Measuring Aid Harmonisation and Alignment in 14 Partner Countries”, in Development:
      A performance monitoring system (PMS) exists with formal elements for monitoring poverty reduction in relation to the PARPA.
  6. Initialism of planned maintenance system.
    • 1966, United States. Congress. Senate. Armed Services, Military Procurement Authorizations for Fiscal Year 1967, Hearings Before the Committee on Armed Services and the Subcommittee on Department of Defense of the Appropriations Committee ... 89-2:
      Planned maintenance system for surface missile ships (PMS/SMS) has been instituted to increase system readiness through a major reduction in system downtime.
    • 1990, Brian Moriarity, Harold E. Roland, System Safety Engineering and Management:
      Have the hazardous materials associated with the system, particularly for the Planned Maintenance System (PMS), been identified?
    • 2002, K Refsing, Early European Writings on Ainu Culture: Religion and Folklore:
      Oil shall be changed out on compressors in strict accordance with the PMS requirements applicable to that compressor.
  7. Initialism of project management system.
    • 1971, Boyd C. Paulson, Man-computer Concepts for Project Management:
      A more comprehensive system now being marketed by IBM, PMS (Project Management System), includes resource allocation.
    • 1974, United States. Congress. House. Appropriations, District of Columbia Appropriations for 1974:
      Mr. Tiernan. ...You have [a chart of] performance based on average design and construction performance before PMS. What is PMS? Mr. Starobin. Project Management System.
    • 2006, Petter Gottschalk, E-Business Strategy, Sourcing And Governance:
      We see many changes needed, and IS/IT solutions include executive information system (ElS), project management system (PMS), research library system (RLS), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resources planning (ERP), electronic market places (EMS), and knowledge management system (KMS).

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This initialism stands for a large number of phrases, sometimes even within the same field. This can cause confusion, for example in the 2006 OECD document cited twice above, which defines one phrase in the text and a different one in its glossary. The definitions above relate only to major uses which have been used for several years and are still current; there are many others in use at present, but not included above. It is safer to examine the context to check which meaning is intended.

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  1. Initialism of Pantone Matching System, a proprietary set of color designations.

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PMS (third-person singular simple present PMSes, present participle PMSing, simple past and past participle PMSed)

  1. (informal, intransitive) To experience premenstrual syndrome or premenstrual stress.
    • 2019, Henry Roi, With Her Fists[1], Next Chapter:
      Clarice raised an eyebrow. “I think I'm getting my period, so there's no guarantees it won't happen again.”. [] “I'm feeling a little PMSed myself. Let's take it out on the cops next time.” “Deal.” Clarice smiled, feeling in control once more.

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PMS (not comparable)

  1. (astronomy, of a star) Initialism of pre-main sequence.

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PMS m (definite singular PMS-en, uncountable)

  1. (medicine) Initialism of premenstruelt syndrom (premenstrual syndrome).