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English form of Amabel, from Latin amabilis (lovable).


Proper nounEdit


  1. A female given name.
    • 1883 Sophie Swett, All the Plums, St. Nicholas Magazine 1883, Vol.10, Part 1, page 34:
      Her name was Mabel Hortense, and the children were very proud of having a cousin who lived in the city and was named Mabel Hortense. At Damsonfield Four Corners, where they lived, all the little girls were name Mary Jane or Sarah Ann or Lucy Maria, or, at the best, Hattie and Carrie; they had scarcely even heard so fine a name as Mabel Hortense.
    • 1988 Anne Tyler, Breathing Lessons, →ISBN page 28:
      The red stitching across the breast pocket read Mabel, a name Maggie had not heard since her childhood. What had become of all the Mabels? She tried to picture giving a new little baby that name.