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Probably 20th century British; derived from the acronym:

Piss Off (or Push Off) Early, Tomorrow's Saturday.


POETS day (plural POETS days)

  1. (humorous, Britain, Australia, New Zealand) Friday, the last day of the working week.
    • 2002, M. J. Lynley, Malika, Mithrandir Books, UK, page 177:
      He was about to walk out the door when Malika came in with the weighty, leatherbound Consejo book that recorded the Board minutes. Alex′s heart sank. Malika looked surprised.
      ‘Malika, it′s POETS day. Time to go home.’
      ‘POETS day?’
      ‘Yes. Piss Off Early, Tomorrow′s Saturday.’
    • 2003, Richard Eyre, National Service: Diary of a Decade at the National Theatre[1], page 14:
      ‘It′s poets′ day,’ said one of the crew. ‘Poets′ day?’ said Tony incredulously. ‘In Leeds?!?’ ‘Yes, POETS — Piss Off Early Tomorrow′s Saturday.’
    • 2006, Ian Rankin, The Naming of the Dead, 2008, unnumbered page:
      ‘Check your computer in about an hour′s time. But be warned – POETS day, meaning the CID cupboard might be a bit on the Mother Hubbard side.’
      ‘Appreciate anything you can get for us, Stan. Happy trails.’ Rebus clicked the phone shut. ‘POETS day,’ he reminded Siobhan.
      ‘Piss Off Early, Tomorrow′s Saturday,’ she recited.

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