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Proper nounEdit

Prince (plural Princes)

  1. The title of a prince
  2. A surname for someone who acted like a prince, or played the part in a pageant, or served in the household of a prince
  3. A male given name from English in occasional use
    • 1853 Charles Dickens: Bleak House: Chapter XIV:
      Young Mr Turveydrop's name is Prince; I wish it wasn't, because it sounds like a dog, but he didn't christen himself. Old Mr Turveydrop had him christened Prince, in remembrance of the Prince Regent.
    Prince Fielder hit another home run today.
  4. The musician Prince Rogers Nelson

Derived termsEdit

Coordinate termsEdit

  • (given name): Princess (female equivalent)





From English Prince.

Proper nounEdit


  1. a male given name from English
  2. the title of a prince