This Proto-Iranian entry contains reconstructed terms and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.

Proto-Iranian edit

Proto-Iranian cardinal numbers
 <  2 3 4  > 
    Cardinal : *θráyah

Etymology edit

From Proto-Indo-Iranian *tráyas, from Proto-Indo-European *tréyes.

Numeral edit

*θráyah (stem *θri-)

  1. three

Descendants edit

  • Central Iranian:
    • Avestan: 𐬚𐬭𐬌(θri), 𐬚𐬭𐬁𐬌𐬌𐬋(θrāiiō, nom. pl.)
  • Northeastern Iranian:
  • Southeastern Iranian:
  • Northwestern Iranian:
    • Baluchi: سی(say)
    • Kurdish:
      Central Kurdish: سێ()
      Northern Kurdish: , sisê
      Southern Kurdish: سێ()
      Laki: سِ(si)
    • Proto-Medo-Parthian:
  • Southwestern Iranian:
    • Old Persian: 𐏂 (ç /⁠çi-⁠/)
      • Middle Persian: (/⁠sē⁠/)
        Manichaean script: 𐫘𐫆(sẖ)
        Book Pahlavi script: [Book Pahlavi needed] (TLTA)
        Inscriptional Pahlavi script: 𐭲𐭫𐭲𐭠(tltʾ), 𐭺(3)
        • Lurish:
          Northern Luri: سئ(se)
        • Classical Persian: سه()
          Dari: سه()
          Iranian Persian: سه(se)
          Tajik: се (se)