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Uncertain. Two theories are prominent: a relation to the Germanic Silingi tribe, whose name is attested in Ancient Greek Σιλίγγαι (Silíngai). Or, from Old Polish ślęg, śląg meaning "dampness, humidity, moisture." More at Ślęża and Silesia.

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  1. A region in central Europe, now chiefly in Poland, with small portions in the Czech Republic and Germany, from early modernity until 1945 predominantly German-speaking with Slavic-speaking minorities (and local majorities).

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  • IPA(key): /siˈlesja/ [siˈle.sja]
  • Rhymes: -esja
  • Syllabification: Si‧le‧sia

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Silesia f

  1. Silesia (a historical region in Central Europe, shared between the Czech Republic and Poland)

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