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TI (countable and uncountable, plural TIs)

  1. (electronics) Initialism of time interval.
  2. Initialism of targeted individual (a victim of gangstalking).
  3. (zoology) Initialism of tonic immobility.
  4. (translation studies) Initialism of translation and interpreting.
  5. (pharmacology) Initialism of therapeutic index.

Synonyms edit

  • (translation and interpreting): T&I

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  1. (company) Initialism of Texas Instruments.
  2. (company) Initialism of Treasure Island (Hotel and Casino).
  3. (organization) Initialism of Transparency International.

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Cebuano edit

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TI f

  1. (often derogatory) tiguwang igat

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  • (file)

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  1. ISO 3166-2:CH code of Tessin (canton)

Italian edit

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TI ?

  1. Abbreviation of Ticino (Canton) (ISO 3166-2:CH code)

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Etymology edit

Initialism of tecnologia da informação.

Noun edit

TI f (uncountable)

  1. IT