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For "vandal" definitions:

  1. (slang)
    1. a gay male who practices anal sex especially with a boy as the passive partner--a pederast
    2. a passive male receiver in anal sex
      'there came two angels to Sodom' and Lot begged 'the men of Sodom' to do no wickedness to them, offering his 'daughters' instead.--Gen 19:1-7

      When Bottom 'will sing' (coit - P), he chooses the song of a turd. He sings of the 'ousel cock" (blackbird, Turdus merula) and 'throstle' (song thrush, Tardus musicus). His song awakens Titania: 'What angel wakes me ... ?'--William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream, m.i. 132.

      What costs a Rape, or Incest, and how cheap You may an Harlot, or an Ingle keep.--a1683 John Oldham, Poet. Wks. (1686) 88

The second definition (and possibly the first one) given is accurate ("angel bending" is a self-explanatory derived term from it), and would be found in our Appendix:Gay slang page if it existed (hmm, creating it would be quite a project...). The following quotes however are obviously not useful. I'll hunt for a reference on the first 2 definitions and reinclude it on the page. --Dangherous 21:11, 30 April 2006 (UTC)

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