Colors in Central Franconian · Färve (layout · text)
     Wieß, Wies, Weiß      Jries, Greis, Jroo, Groo      Zjwats, Schwats
             Rut, Roeëd; Kérmes, Karmieng              Amber; Brong, Broun, Brung, Broeng              Jäl, Jeël, Jell, Gäl; Oker
             Liem, Lich Jrön              Jrön, Green, Grien, Jreun, Jröng              Minz Jrön; Donkeljrön, Donkerjreun, Donkeljröng
             Turquoise, Turkwaas              Blau (Hellblau, Himmelblau)              Blau, Blauw, Bloo, Bloh (Donkelblau, Donkelbloo)
             Violett; Indiego              Majénta; Lila              Rose, Rosrut

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