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Etymology 1Edit

Variant of Leila or Lilah, depending on pronunciation; also associated with Spanish lila (lilac).

Proper nounEdit


  1. A female given name.
    • 1867 Lydia Maria Francis Child, A Romance of the Republic, Ticknor and Fields 1867, page 149:
      Your name is flowery too. I used to say Mamita would have called you Lady Viola; but violet colors and lilac colors are cousins, and they both suit your complexion and your name, Mamita Lila.

Etymology 2Edit

Sanskrit लीला (līlā, play, charm)

Alternative formsEdit

Proper nounEdit


  1. A female given name used in India.




Lila n (genitive Lilas, no plural)

  1. violet, purple (colour)

See alsoEdit

Colors in German · Farben (layout · text)
     Weiß      Grau      Schwarz
             Rot (Purpur)              Orange; Braun              Gelb; Creme, Ocker
             Grün (Hellgrün, Neongrün)              Grün (Dunkelgrün)             
             Türkis (Cyan, Meeresgrün)              Blau (Hellblau, Azurblau)              Blau (Dunkelblau)
             Lila, Violett (Blasslila, Altrosa)              Lila, Violett (Magenta, Purpur)              Rosa ; Pink

Further readingEdit

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