Unsupported titles/Enclosing less than greater than

Less than sign.png
< U+003C, &#60;
Basic Latin =
Greater than sign.png
> U+003E, &#62;
Basic Latin ?


Punctuation markEdit

< >

  1. (Internet slang) Synonym of * * (encloses an interpretation, describes an action as if it were actually happening)
    • 2002 January 14, Stuart Dawson, “Re: This made me look at YATA in a whole new light.. o_o”, in uk.media.animation.anime, Usenet[1] (in English):
      having now watched it I just have one thing to say... <grin> So who's got the bollocks to do some cosplay with me then? ^_^
  2. (comics) Encloses translated text.
    • 1980, ElfQuest #3
      Narrator: For the first time in seven turns of the seasons he speaks the ugly, guttural language of the humans...
      Cutter (elf): <Before you die, say if any more of you come this way!>
      Aro (human): <We are all that you see!> <No one follows!>
  3. (Internet) Encloses an e-mail address or web address.
    To: Jane Doe <janedoe@example.com>, Joe Bananas <bananas1989@example.com>
    Buy stuff from Best Shop <http://bestshop.example.com>.


< >

  1. (programming) Encloses certain types of information in some programming languages.
    #include <stdio.h> = C example
    ArrayList<String> = Java example
  2. (computing) Encloses certain tags in markup languages.
    1. (computing) Encloses a standalone HTML tag. Compare < /> in XML.
      <img src="waterfall.png"> = displays an image
      <br> = a line break
    2. (computing) In HTML and XML, encloses a start tag that must be closed by an end tag. See < > </ > for more information.
  3. Alternative form of ⟨ ⟩, used when the actual angle brackets are not available.