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I'm a student from Sydney, Australia and you will often see me editing Greek related stuff on the English Wiktionary. I've always wondered why non-native speakers of Greek prefer to study Ancient Greek over Modern Greek - in my opinion, Modern Greek is just as special. :) But, at the moment, there's still a lot of work to do, but I am enjoying myself and I'm glad that I'm contributing in some form to this Wiktionary project. I've been working on filling out several Greek categories. One of my successes so far has been to completely (or almost, anyway) fill out the Greek Countries Category. There were initially just three or four countries in the category, so I'm happy to have contributed in the addition of 140 more! I still haven't finished though, but I've come quite far! I've got a goal to fill up lots of categories, from Greek Musical Instruments, to Greek Anatomy Words, Greek Colours, Greek Chemistry/Physics and so on. I've already done Greek Continents, though.. that one was a little easy since there aren't exactly that many continents. ;) I've also completed the Greek months category also, I'm also working on adding noun declension definitions, and I can't wait to start filling out some verbs also, but I can't do everything at once and I know this will take some time! :)

As for English definitions, lately I've been adding lots/heaps/tonnes of verb form definitions (mostly phrasal verbs), plus also adding plural articles, and I often check for English spelling errors in certain articles. I suppose this is one of my other big projects here! :) I hope to contribute to English articles even more in the future (at least, the verb form project might take a while), but for now, I don't mind my current self-assigned assignments. :)

But if you would like to know a thing or two about me, then my hobbies include:

If you want to contact me, then feel free to do so on my talk page. It's nice logging in and seeing the "You've got a new message" announcement, even if I'm only ever lucky to see it nowadays. :-)

Note: Unfortunately, University began in March so I haven't been as active I once used to be, but maybe this will change when the real holidays begin! I'll still be participating here though - it'll just be a little slower now since I have certain limitations.