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My Wiktionary interests are:

  • Endangered language revitalization
  • Wikisaurus
  • Foods
  • English words borrowed from Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • Developing representative citations from throughout a word's history

Words to add Edit

  • wala lang
  • grayed out/greyed out
  • soak as in when annealing, to hold (heat?) at a constant temperature; 均熱温度

Great words Edit

synecdoche - used by -sche

Pages Edit

About templates Edit

Useful citation pages: Edit

  • Creating a citation: [1]
  • http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Template:cite-book
  • magazine *{{quote-magazine |date= |year= |month= |first= |last= |author= |coauthors= |title= |volume= |issue= |page= |magazine= |publisher= |issn= |url= |passage= }}

On the entry page, write:

  • ====Quotations====
  • {{seeCites}}

Insert a Wikipedia reference:

  • {{wikipedia}}
  • {{slim-wikipedia}}

Japanese template * Japanese: {{t+|ja|産業連関表|tr=さんぎょうれんかんひょう, sangyō renkan hyō}}

Old Pages Edit

Wikisaurus pages:

Wikisaurus pages whose members need definitions, citations, etc. Edit

Items needing attestation Edit

{{ws|dectuplets}} {{ws|undectuplets}} {{ws|duodectuplets}} {{ws|tridectuplets}} {{ws|quadectuplets}} {{ws|quindectuplets}} {{ws|sexdectuplets}} {{ws|septdectuplets}} {{ws|octdectuplets}} {{ws|nonuplets}} {{ws|icosuplets}}

What a Babel template looks like:

{{User lang-2|ne|This user is able to contribute with an '''[[:Category:User ne-2|intermediate]]''' level of '''[[:Category:User ne|Nepalese]]'''.}}