Much to do regarding Cimbrian orthography: sibilants > Bellotto system, put graves back on nonfirst syllables, fix b/v stuff

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Location: USA
Occupation: B.A. student
Years active: 2017-present

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  • organizing family trees using {{desc}} and {{desctree}}
  • general clean-up ({{cog}}, {{etyl}}, etc.)
  • adding pictures

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  • en: boring General American accent
  • de-3: 8 years. Standard. Pretty fluent but can't read Goethe without some dict.leo.
  • cmn-1: 5 years. I can talk to youths and order food and stuff but can't say anything intelligent. Can speak way better than read and write. Used to speak in a Wuhan accent, but it was beaten out of me and now I have to use retroflex consonants and differentiate between /l/ and /n/.