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Based in London, UK. Timezone: GMT/GMT+1 (UTC/UTC+1) Email: paolog32 <at> hotmail <dot> com (for Wiktionary-related correspondence only)

A Wiktionary member since late 2003, a sysop since January 2004 and Wiktionary's second bureaucrat from summer 2005. I speak French and Italian fluently, but I am not trilingual or bilingual.

I mainly support English, with French and Italian translations, occasionally contributing translations in other languages when I find them.

Areas to which I have provided major contributions or which are entirely or almost entirely my own work:

Areas of particular expertise:

  • Mathematical vocabulary

Contributions to Wiktionary format:

  • Format of synonyms and antonyms
  • Templates for adjectives and nouns
  • Translation tables

Words to be categorised as blends/portmanteaus

Add {{blend}} template to these to add them to "Category:Portmanteaus", if appropriate; correct etymology for those incorrectly stated to be blends.


From other dictionaries:

List from Wikipedia (not all are legit; to be checked)

  • argumentary from argument and documentary the appropriate classification of a Michael Moore documentary
  • Blorph from blend and morph - a visual effects technique (coined by Ken Ralston/ Sony Pictures Imageworks)
  • broast perhaps from broil and roast; a word commonly encountered at restaurants in Saudi Arabia
  • carboloy from carbon and alloy
  • complastered from completely and plastered
  • Demopublican from Democrat and Republican
  • dramastic from dramatic and drastic
  • Finglisi from Farsi (Persian for "Persian") and Inglisi (Persian for "English") (see also —lish, below)
  • ghettro from ghetto and retro
  • hairagami from origami and hair - an "As seen on TV" product for hairstyling for formal events.
  • hugantic from huge and gigantic
  • iclue from idea and clue
  • insannabis from insane or insanity and cannabis
  • —lish used as a suffix to form many frankenwords meaning foreign varieties of English (see also Franglais, above):
  • Germlish (German)
  • Hebrish (Hebrew)
  • Swedlish (Swedish)

A more exhaustive list of "lishes" appears here (where?)

  • lupper from lunch and supper
  • manssiere from man and brassiere - a bra designed for and worn by a man (coined on a Seinfeld episode)
  • mantastic from man and fantastic
  • mimbo from male and bimbo (coined on a Seinfeld episode)
  • necessory from necessity and accessory
  • nonebrity from nonentity and celebrity to describe a person with no talent or importance who has somehow become famous, such as a Big Brother contestant.
  • pedoriffic from pedophile and terrific, usually used to describe an attractive girl who is jailbait
  • peelief from peeing and relief
  • Pimperific from "Pimp" and "Terrific"
  • pizzone from pizza and calzone (popularized by Pizza Hut)
  • "pluot" from plum and apricot (also Aprium: a patented hybrid of apricot and plum; Nectaplum: a hybrid of nectarine and plum; Nectarcot: a hybrid of nectarine and apricot; Peacotum: a hybrid of peach, apricot and plum; all are trademarks of Zaiger's Genetics (see here)
  • Portendo from portable and Nintendo is a project implemented by Kevin Horton. This project involves the concept of making a compact (portable) NES/Famicom.
  • Pretendo from pretend and Nintendo is a parody reference to Nintendo for the TV show Muppet Babies.
  • ridonkulous from ridiculous and donkey (or ass) - something that is so ridiculous that whatever caused it to be can be considered asinine (or an ass)
  • rollicking from rolling and licking
  • sexcellent from sex and excellent
  • slandanity from slander and vanity Information used to defame a non-notable person and slandering them.
  • sophmore from sophisticated and moron
  • sportscast from sports and broadcast
  • Sunfire from Sunbird and Firebird a nameplate pun used for the mid-90s redesign of the Pontiac Sunbird
  • truggy from truck and buggy is a buggy-like truck made for off-road racing.
  • typosuction from typographical error and liposuction
  • vanbulance from van and ambulance - an ambulance built out of a full-size van
  • wonderosity from wonder and curiosity -following one's sense of curiosity in a direction that leads to wonder or awe.
  • Wonkavator from Wonka and elevator - a fictional elevator that can move in any direction, not merely up or down -- featured in the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • Wonkavision from Wonka and television - a fictional method of creating a potentially unlimited number of smaller copies from a larger original object, which gets destroyed in the process -- featured in the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • woon from wooden and spoon - flat wooden things for eating dished ice cream

Computing and technology

  • ARPAnet from ARPA and network
  • ASCIIbetical from ASCII and alphabetical
  • companding from compressing and expanding
  • datacasting from data and broadcasting
  • desknote from desktop and notebook is a laptop that uses a desktop-style CPU.
  • digipeater from digital and repeater
  • ezine from electronic and magazine
  • famikon from family and computer is the Japanese wasei-eigo term for the Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Fembot from female and robot
  • Feminoid from female and android
  • linearithmic from linear and logarithmic
  • Mactel from Apple Macintosh and Intel
  • multicart from multiple and cartridge. This kind of cartridge consists of multiple games in one (e.g. 76,000-in-1 from Power Player Super Joy III).
  • NESticle from NES and testicle
  • privoxy from private and proxy
  • smudgemate from smudge and estimate


  • fraudience from fraud and audience
  • Limon from lime + lemon; a commercial construction to promote the soft drink Sprite
  • multiplex from multiple and cineplex! - this word has a different meaning in telecommunications
  • narrowcasting from narrow and broadcasting -- this word refers to a large media network in which content is sent to individual nodes, rather than to the network as a whole.

Art, literature and entertainment (pop culture)

  • airpain from airplane and pain is the name of a microgame on Wario Ware, Inc. Mega Microgame$ and Wario Ware, Inc. Mega Party Game$.
  • Animutation, an absurdist animation genre, from animation and mutation
  • arfé from art and café
  • Cantaloop from cantaloupe and loop is a song by US3 inspired by Herbie Hancock's song "Cantaloupe Island".
  • dancercise from dance and exercise
  • dancersize from dance and circumsize, coined in jest on Fry and Laurie
  • Darth (in the fictional Star Wars universe created by George Lucas, the title assumed by a Sith Lord) possibly combining Dark and Death.
  • didcap from DID (damsel in distress) and vidcap (video capture).
  • Digimon from digital and monster a children's cartoon/franchise similar to 'Pokémon'.
  • dramality from drama and reality television (coined by Mark Burnett to describe his television series Survivor)
  • dubtitle from dub and subtitle, for subtitles transcribed from dubbed soundtrack, especially in anime
  • Famicom from family and computer, this is the official name for the Japanese version of the NES.
  • Famiclone from Famicom and clone. These are clones of the NES/Famicom. Many of these products are pirated hardware.
  • frobust from robust and afro.
  • funbelievable from "fun" and "unbelievable"
  • Goombario from Goomba and Mario, he is a friendly variation of the goomba, and is a playable character in Paper Mario.
  • Goomboss from Goomba and boss, coined from Nintendo video game company; he is the boss of the goombas in the video game Super Mario 64 DS. And he complains that goombas have been getting squashed by Mario.
  • Jawesome from jaw and awesome, coined from Street Sharks TV show.
  • justache from just and mustache, facial hair that is explicitly just a mustache.
  • Kramit from Kermit and Damnit, this word was said in some song about Big Bird and Kermit getting stoned. Sesame Street was referred to as "Sensimilla Street" in that song.
  • Kripkenstein from Kripke and Wittgenstein, coined to describe a philosophical position that Kripke argued one could read into Wittgenstein's work, but which neither he nor Wittgenstein accepted.
  • Magikoopa from magic and koopa, characters from the Super Mario series of games that performed magic; Kamek is the most famous of the class.
  • mathercise from mathematics and exercise, used by Mr. Morales to describe group aerobics involving shaping one's body into the specified equation.
  • molestache from molest and mustache, facial hair that evokes the image of a child molester.
  • newrun from new and rerun - episode from a talk-show wherin old subjects are rehashed.
  • Nintendogs from Nintendo and dogs, a pet simulation video game for the Nintendo DS handheld.
  • Orgasmatron from orgasm and electron(ic) - from Woody Allen's Sleeper
  • Policenauts from police and astronaut
  • rockumentary from rock and documentary
  • sacrilicious from sacrilege and delicious, used by Homer Simpson
  • smark from smart and mark - professional wrestling slang for fans who recognize the scripted nature of the business, but still enjoy the in-ring entertainment
  • Somari from Sonic and Mario. This game was a pirated hack of Sonic the Hedgehog casting Mario instead.
  • streetball from street and basketball
  • threatmantic from threatening and romantic, used to describe threatening love notes

Organizations, companies and brand names

  • Accenture from accent and future (accent on the future)
  • Amoco from American Oil Company
  • Amtrak from America, travel and track
  • Aramco from Arab, American, and company is the national oil company of Saudi Arabia.
  • CONMEBOL from Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol (Spanish for "South American Football Confederation")
  • CONELRAD from control (of) electromagnetic radiation
  • Cosworth from founders Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth
  • Danimals from Dannon and animals is a brand name for yogurt that kids eat. They have a marketing campaign with animated animals.
  • Frusion from fruit and fusion is a brand name for a low-fat yogurt by Dannon.
  • GMail from Google and E-mail; the email branch of Google.
  • Intel from integrated and electronics; could also act as a short variation of intelligent therefore Intel devices are intelligent in terms of technology.
  • Mopar from motor and part The parts division of DaimlerChrysler
  • Nicorette from nicotine and cigarette - a brand name for an anti-nicotine gum.
  • Pofumo from post-, fucking and modern (see postmodern)
  • Swooshtika from swoosh and swastika, a derogatory name for the Nike, Inc. logo
  • Texaco from Texas and company is an oil company now part of Chevron_Corporation.
  • Verizon from veritas (Latin for truth) and horizon
  • Vodafone from voice, data and fone derived from phone
  • Waitrose from founders' names Wallace Waite and Arthur Rose
  • Wexis is a humorous term used to refer to the two academic publishing conglomerates which dominate the legal information services industry, namely Westlaw and LexisNexis.
  • WildFur Productions from the names of its founders, Andrew Wildman and Simon Furman.
  • Zend Technologies from the names of its founders, Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans.

Human and/or character names

  • Blanca from blanc (meaning white) and Bianca
  • Bradical from Brad and radical
  • Dannah from Dana and Hannah
  • Dina from Dana and Tina
  • Nisa from Nina and Lisa - a rare female human name.
  • Rachelle from Rachel and Michelle
  • Waluigi from Wario and Luigi
  • Wario from Wario and Mario


Real - dogs

  • bordachy (Pron. bor-DA-ki) Border Terrier/Dachshund.
  • bug Boston terrier/Pug or Beagle/Pug
  • chiweiner (Chihuahua/Dachshund). Its popularity is increasing especially in the Pacific Northwest. The Chiweiner is characterized by its Dachshund face and slightly long Chihuahua-like body. Its small size makes it a good house pet.
  • chowggle (Beagle/Chow Chow)
  • Gerchowder (German Shepherd Dog/Chow Chow)


  • Fantastapottamus from fantastic and hippopotamus, referred to in an episode of The Simpsons.
  • Jackalope from Jackrabbit and antelope is a jackrabbit with antlers, usually created by a taxidermist.
  • Kangarillapig from kangaroo gorilla and pig derogatory slang used to describe an exceptionally ugly girl.
  • mawg from man and dawg( a mutation of the word "dog")(from the movie Spaceballs)

Portmanteaus by Lewis Carroll

Some of these terms are nonce words, others are of questionable origin or have worked their way into common speech.

  • burbled from bubbled and gurgled, a legitimate dictionary word, derived from the Middle English "burblen", and meaning a gurgling or bubbling sound.
  • frumious from fuming and furious.

Politics, economics and geography

  • Delmarva Peninsula from Delaware, Maryland and Virginia (postal abbreviation VA) is the name of the peninsula where portions of all three of these U.S. states are located.
  • Enronomics from Enron and economics
  • Kalamari from Kalahari and Mario a desert from the Super Mario universe.
  • Koopahari from koopa and Kalahari is the name of the desert on the Super Mario Bros. movie in the parallel dimension.
  • Mexamericanada from Mexico, America, and Canada
  • Mexifornia from Mexico and California
  • Odditorium from odd and auditorium - a museum that displays exhibits beyond realistic imagination.
  • Pakistan from Punjab, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Sindh, and Baluchistan, plus the suffix -i-stan - the name of the South Asian Islamic state to distinguish itself from India.
  • Pennsyltucky from Pennsylvania and Kentucky -Referring to the area of Pennslyvania in the north and center of the state which is neither Philadelphia nor Pittsburgh (and their respective suburbs). These areas tend to vote Republican (like Kentucky), while the urban and suburban areas tend to vote Democrat.
  • Rogernomics from Roger and economics
  • Rubinomics from Rubin and economics
  • Ruthanasia from Ruth and euthanasia
  • Talsinki from Tallinn and Helsinki
  • Texarkana from Texas and Arkansas, the name of a border town of these two U.S. states.
  • Texhoma from Texas and Oklahoma, the name of a border town of these two U.S. states.
  • Theftinomics from theft and economics
  • Utaho from Utah and Idaho; this word is commonly used on the Idaho potato joke.

Portmanteaus of portmanteaus

  • alphanumeric from alphabetic and numeric
  • ASCIIbetical from ASCII and alphabetical
  • Famiclone from Famicom and clone. These are clones of the NES/Famicom. Many of these products are pirated hardware.
  • Googlepedia from Google and Wikipedia to describe a possible cooperation project.

Swear words

Music-related terms

  • Dusic from Dazz and music a name of a song by the Dazz Band
  • Funkadelic from funk and psychadelic the secondary proposal of band naming for George Clinton's band that would have been known as Parliament
  • Funkula from funk and dracula part of a song name by George Clinton.
  • Protopunk from prototype and punk one of the earliest forms of punk music.

Other languages

  • Dasaitama in Japanese is a nickname for the city Saitama, and a compound of the city's name with Dasai (uncool).
  • skinship is a Japanese wasei-eigo word made up of two English words, skin and kinship, meaning a close (usually familial) relationship based on physical contact.
  • Tashhetz (תשחץ) in Hebrew means arrow crossword and is made up of tashbetz (crossword) + hetz (arrow).

Portmanteaus for language mixtures

  • Chinglish in English: Chinese + English.
  • Czenglish in English: Czech + English.
  • Denglisch in German: Deutsch + Englisch ("German" + "English").
  • Finglish in English: Finnish + English.
  • Frespañol in French: français + espagnol ("French" + "Spanish").
  • Germish in English: German + English.
  • Globish in English: Global + English.
  • Greeklish in English: Greek + English, written only, Greek typed in Latin characters.
  • Hinglish in English: Hindi + English.
  • Itagnolo in Italian: italiano + spagnolo ("Italian" + "Spanish").
  • Itañol in Spanish: italiano + español ("Italian" + "Spanish").
  • Italese in Italian: italiano + canadese ("Italian" + "Canadian"). [Used to describe mix of English and Italian words and phrases that are used among Italian immigrants to Canada]
  • Japlish in English: Japanese + English (though the more common term is the non-portmanteau Engrish)
  • Konglish in English: Korean + English.
  • Namlish in English: Namibian + English.
  • Portunhol in Portuguese: português + espanhol ("Portuguese" + "Spanish").
  • Portuñol in Spanish: portugués + español ("Portuguese" + "Spanish").
  • Singlish in Singaporean English: Singaporean + English, English with a Singaporean accent mixed with words from various Asian languages spoken in Singapore, such as Malay and Hokkien.
  • Spanglish in American English: Spanish + English.
  • Svengelska in Swedish: svenska + engelska ("Swedish" + "English").
  • Svorsk in Norwegian: svensk + norsk ("Swedish" + "Norwegian").
  • Taglish in Philippine English and Tagalog: Tagalog + English.
  • Thaiglish in American English: Thai + English.
  • Yinglish in American English: Yiddish + English.

Types of -ware in computing

  • Etymology is X + -ware (except possibly for "malware")
  • Check Wikipedia for synonyms and other names

Mathematical terms to be defined